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Imagine having someone who openly listens to, respects and believes in you, while supporting you in achieving your goals. Whether it's something that you want to accomplish or a feeling that you want to create, a coach gives you the platform and renewed motivation to express and explore who you are. By working with you to dig deeper, a coach not only helps you to reveal your true talents but to use the strength that you have to transform!

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Coaching versus therapy

Unlike therapy, that seeks to heal you based on blocks and pain from your past, coaching focuses on helping already motivated and driven people to create brand new possibilities. While coaching may help you to recognize the fears that are holding you back, it does not let you live in those moments. It focuses more on helping you live in the current moment and shape the moments in your future. It helps you to embrace experiences that feed you, to reflect the values that drive who you are, and to move you closer to where you truly can to be.


Coaching versus your friends and family

Unlike friends and family, who may sometimes (though often with love) push their own agenda or opinions, a coach focuses on what’s important to you. While suggestions and information may be shared, it’s always with your permission and always without judgment. What you do is your decision.


Coaching versus consulting

Unlike a consultant, a coach does not tell you what to do, but rather guides you to your own clarity. Beyond this, a coach stays with you even after you find your answers. Realizing you’ll have your highs and lows, a coach inspires you when the road gets bumpy and helps you stay on track and remember the strength you have to succeed.


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“Keisha has been such a wonderful Coach; guiding me to see my true goals and potential and helping me to release and redirect my fears. I am now in charge of my own business after 30 years in the industry. I would not have bet a cent on my ability to be an entrepreneur prior to being coached. Keisha has used her knowledge and active listening to guide me to look at the more positive aspects of my next move in life that I had once believed were out of reach.”
~ B. Foure
From employee to entrepreneur

________________________________________ "Keisha is an amazing coach. I had found myself at a point where I really needed someone to support and inspire me-someone who could be there with a loving heart and open mind. That person turned out to be Keisha! Even out of some pretty heavy venting sessions, we came up with ideas, epiphanies and goals that I had no idea about going into the session. I always felt like I walked away with a gift - a new realization, clarification, or just the feeling that someone listened and understood. We accomplished more than I ever expected: some great approaches to realizing my goals, building my confidence, etc... I think what I appreciate most is Keisha’s nurturing attention to detail, the emails after every call - even e-flowers to lift my spirits. She is truly a treasure!"
~N. Francois
On the road to finding more balance


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