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A Little About Me

Not that long ago, I was going through a pretty rough time, diagnosed with a severe case of ulcerative colitis. It was like everything changed in an instant. Within weeks, I had to stop working. I found myself moving from doctor to doctor. After months of treatment and multiple surgeries, I eventually lost my momentum.  I wouldn’t eat. I refused to get out of bed. I pretty much decided to give up. One night, my sister sat with me, listening to how frustrated I felt - how much I hated feeling like such a victim. After a while, she asked me what I was going to do about it. I had no answer, but I realized that I did have a choice.

  Keisha Ogbuokiri
  Keisha Ogbuokiri

I could lie around and be miserable or I could think of ways I could change my experience. The next morning it was like a spark had gone off inside me. Every day I took a tiny step forward. Every moment was a new opportunity. To pull myself out of my hole, I made the choice to see things from a different perspective. I sought out people who would hold me accountable - who wouldn't allow me to give up or retreat. Even on the days it was hard, I looked for small ways to add light to my day. 

That experience not only fed my recovery, but became the inspiration for Inner Spark Coaching. I help my clients to embrace their own power and to realize the options they have. Even when they think it’s impossible, I help them to create a new way. I become their partner so they won’t feel alone - so they'll be reminded that they can make it happen. It’s truly an amazing experience. I’ve watched people bring their possibilities to light. I’ve watch them reach and surpass their potential, and keep moving even when they want to give up. Inspired by what I have witnessed and using my training and experience as a coach, I help my clients to release their true talents and embrace the courage to reclaim their life!

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As an Independent Resume Writer and Personal Development Coach, Keisha engages and empowers entrepreneurs, students, and job seekers to highlight their talents and strengths, while developing and promoting their image. She also provides forward-focused empowerment coaching, developing programs, training, and support to help clients through significant life and career transitions. Blending her unique story-telling approach with creative planning and resource building methods, she not only focuses on growth and results but creates avenues for personal and professional leadership. In addition to life and career enhancement coaching, Keisha is a dynamic writer with over 15 years experience contributing creative copy and developing training and education guides for personal enrichment, brand recognition, and overall team and employee performance. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation, The Society for Technical Communication, the Crohns and Colitis Foundation and has over 20 years of volunteer experience in the Public School System.


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